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3 Easy Tips for Green Driving

Yes, cars can be bad for the environment. Still, while you certainly can’t fix everything, fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to mitigate the impact of your driving – whether you drive an electric car or otherwise. 

Here are 3 easy tips for green driving. 

Strategic Route Planning

Strategic route planning isn’t just about dodging traffic; it’s about considering elevation changes, road conditions, and stop lights. When you select routes that minimize stops and maximize fuel efficiency, you can have a real impact on your overall green driving.

So, you want to use navigation apps that give you the power to customize your route. Then, consider the lay of the land and how traffic tends to flow so that you can opt for routes with fewer stops and smoother traffic flow, even if they’re a bit longer in distance. 

Say you have to commute to a retirement community to visit your mother and you have two route options. One is a shorter but congested route with frequent stops, while the other is longer but means smoother traffic flow with fewer stops. By using a navigation app that takes these factors into account, you opt for the longer route. The result? You reach your destination faster and with reduced fuel consumption compared to the shorter, stop-and-go alternative.

Engine Smart Warm-Up

Now, you really want to pay attention to how your engine warms up. 

Often, we’re in a hurry, and the temptation to let the car idle for ages seems like the easiest option. But here’s the thing: it really means wasting fuel and putting unnecessary wear on your engine.

Instead of idling for ages, you want to start driving gently after about 30 seconds of warm-up so that your engine reaches its best operating temperature more efficiently while saving you fuel.

Think about a chilly morning. You start your car, use the first 30 seconds to clear your windows or adjust your seat, and then you start driving gently. The engine warms up as you move, saving you fuel.

Cruise Control Mastery

You’ve probably heard about cruise control, but do you really use it often?

Using cruise control really means maintaining a steady speed on highways. And that translates to less need for constant speeding up and slowing down.

You want to activate cruise control on those long stretches of highway. It ensures your vehicle operates with optimal fuel efficiency because the system manages your speed more smoothly than you might manually.

Imagine a road trip on a highway with your son on break from college. You hit your desired speed, engage cruise control, and let the system do its thing. Your fuel efficiency gets a boost because you avoid unnecessary speed fluctuations. Just remember to turn it off in heavy traffic or on hilly terrain for better control. 

When it comes to living a greener life, everything counts including prioritising green driving. So use these tips.